Safeguarding Children – Towards Healing Information

There are mandatory reporting requirements in Queensland if it is suspected that a child in Queensland is experiencing abuse, or is at risk of experiencing abuse. For information about reporting child abuse in Queensland including who is mandated to report go to or contact the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability services on 1800 811 810 or go to

It is important that if you receive an abuse or misconduct disclosure that you follow the 5 R’s: Receive, Record, Respect, Reassure, Refer.

1. Receive the information. Move to a suitable environment, free of distractions. Be calm and patient. Listen supportively letting the person tell you their story;
2. Record what is told to you. Make notes about what is disclosed using their own words. Avoid asking leading questions. Ask for the person’s contact details;
3. Respect that the person may not disclose full details – don’t push. Respect the person’s need for privacy and confidentiality;
4. Reassure the person that it is OK to disclose what has happened. Reassure the person that you will act;
5. Refer their disclosure to someone else who can help and explain to the person you will do this.

For full details on the 5R’s please see the Receiving an Abuse or Misconduct Disclosure sheet linked below.

Professional Standards Office brochure
Towards Healing brochure
Receiving an Abuse or Misconduct Disclosure