Privacy Policy

New Privacy Laws

The Parish Staff have attended a course on Privacy Compliance in response to the Privacy Act 1988.

“The mission of the Church and the many community services it entails require us to collect and hold the personal information of the many thousands of people with whom we deal.
But respect for a person’s dignity and individual rights flow from the heart of our Christian faith. Therefore I want to make clear that the Archdiocese will do all it can to comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.”
Archbishop of Brisbane

We here at St John’s Wood/The Gap Catholic Parish as part of the Archdiocese of Brisbane MUST ABIDE BY AND ADHERE TO THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE PRIVACY ACT & THE AUSTRALIAN PRIVACY PRINCIPLES.

The Privacy Act impacts upon us all and if you wish to peruse the Compliance Requirements and the Privacy Act, please go the Archdiocesan Website (, or our own Parish Website ( and follow the connections.