St John's Wood The Gap Parish

Welcome to Our Parish

A warm welcome to the Catholic Parish of St John’s Wood/The Gap, in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Queensland.  Our Mission Statement is as follows:

“We the Catholic Community of St John’s Wood/The Gap, guided by the Holy Spirit, commit ourselves to being a loving and welcoming community, accepting our Baptismal responsibility and deepening our spirituality.”  Please introduce yourself to Fr Tuong at the end of Mass.  We also invite you to fill out the new parishioner form found in our weekly bulletin.

   The Parish now has a Facebook page

StJohnsWoodTheGapCatholicChurch@St John’s Wood / The Gap Parish


Do you know someone who is considering becoming a Catholic?  Do you or a family member want to become a Catholic?  Contact the parish office on 3300 6099 as our new RCIA Program is starting soon.
Also our school age children program is starting soon if you have a school aged child wanting to become a Catholic.