St John's Wood The Gap Parish

Christmas Festival Entertainment

Click here to watch the videos of the performances

Leading up to Christmas, we are having a spectacular display of Christmas lights and great entertainment by choirs singers and musicians. Come to St Peter Chanel Church in The Gap to join in the festivities. Click on the “event” link on the left for times and directions.

01/12 Jubilee Singers
02/12 Westside Orchestra
05/12 East Timor Community Band
06/12 Brother James Choir
08/12 Te Tria Choir
09/12 ‘Keepin’ it Secret’ (Denise Parker & Peter Monaghan)
10/12 Children’s night
11/12 Peace n Choir
12/12 Samoan Singers unfortunately had to cancel.There will be a BBQ, Good Christmas Music and Socialising!!!
13/12 Going for a Song
14/12 Brisbane Brass Music Association inc
15/12 Samford Community Choir
16/12 Steve Foley & Friends
18/12 Tatty Tenors
19/12 Brisbane Ukulele Musical Society
21/12 Parish of St John’s Wood/The Gap choirs



A warm welcome to the Catholic Parish of St John’s Wood/The Gap, in the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Queensland.Our Mission Statement is as follows:
“We the Catholic Community of St John’s Wood–The Gap, guided by the Holy Spirit, commit ourselves to being a loving and welcoming community, accepting our Baptismal responsibility and deepening our spirituality.”Please introduce yourself to Fr Tuong at the end of Mass. You are also invited to record your contact details in the book at the entrance of the church.