Baptism Masses

Mater Dei 3rd Sunday
Saint Peter Chanel 4th Sunday

Christian Initiation

In the sacraments of initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist – we are freed from the power of darkness. We are joined to Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We receive the Spirit of adoption making us God’s sons and daughters. With the entire people of God we celebrate the memorial of the Lord’s death and resurrection.

Infant Baptism

Baptism is the introduction of a person into the Church community. Through the waters of Baptism the person enters into the life of God – Father, Son and Spirit. He or she is dedicated to God and all that is good.

If you want to have your baby baptised, the first step is to go and see your parish priest or the pastoral associate. It’s best to telephone to make an appointment first rather than try and catch the priest at the end of Mass.

You may be asked to come along and talk about the meaning of baptism and what it is you are asking of the Church.

Parishes vary as to what they expect of parents bringing a child for Baptism. It is good to see any preparation for Baptism as an opportunity for you to understand more about what you are asking for your child rather than as a task to be fulfilled.

If you are a regular member of your local parish, Baptism is a wonderful opportunity for your fellow parishioners to share your joy in your new baby. That is why Baptism is often celebrated during Sunday mass so that as many people as possible can welcome your child into the community.


It is good if the godparents can be adult Catholics who will take an interest in your baby as he or she grows up.

In the early Church the godparents were sponsors who taught the new Christian, usually an adult, about the faith.

Later on when infant baptism became usual, the godparents often took the role of guardians of the child if anything happened to the parents. Something of these two roles remain today.

Choose godparents who are likely to be around and have an interest in your child over the years.

Baptism for Older Children

Children 4 years and over are to complete the Older Children Baptism Registration Form.  They will be required to undertake some instruction in order to prepare for your baptism.

Adult Baptism

If you are an adult who has not been baptised a Christian, but are thinking about becoming a Catholic, then the first step is to go to the local church and ask how they go about receiving people into the Church. Most churches are delighted to welcome new people into their church.

You will probably be asked to participate in instructions. Sometimes the priest does this himself; some churches have a programme – the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or R.C.I.A. – to prepare people for baptism.

Joining the Community

When you ask for Baptism you are asking to become a member of the Catholic Church. You will be expected to take part in the life of that community on a regular basis.

Like any community, hopefully, you will find people there you get on with.

Committing your life to God

Baptism is the sacrament in which we commit ourselves to God. We proclaim our faith in God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we promise to avoid evil and to do good.

The baptism ceremony for adults is similar to baptism of children except that you make the baptismal promises yourself. Instead of godparents adults have sponsors whose role is to encourage you in the catholic faith.

Traditionally adult baptisms take place during the ceremony of the Easter Vigil. In some parishes, therefore, you might be asked to wait for Easter for Baptism.

The Atrium

Please take a moment to view the following link that outlines the wonderful work the Atrium does in providing sacramental education by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

Further information

Please download these pdf files for further information and registration.

  1. Baptism Information
  2. 2017 Infant Baptism REGISTRATION FORM
  3. 2017 Older Children Baptism REGISTRATION FORM
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