menCONNECT is a group of men in the parish actively involved in pursuing a deeper spiritual relationship with our Lord. We do this by participating in a range of activities around the church. We grew out of the menALIVE weekend held in October 2012. Since then we have held regular gatherings, carrying on and fulfilling the call to be active and authentic men in our parish.

We welcome all men from within the parish and outside of the parish.  Gatherings are every 2 to 3 months of parish men. Its two main purposes are to assist men to connect with God and to connect with each other.  Meet on alternative Friday evenings and Saturday mornings for an informal meal, prayer and chat all within less than 100 minutes.  Watch the bulletin for details.

Contact:               Graham Hull       0418 708 235


On 08.02.2014 we held a gathering of the men of the parish which was presented by a team from menALIVE. The following article was written detailing the morning.

The Authentic Christian Man

menALIVE is a national Catholic ministry to men which conducts various events throughout the year. Robert Falzon, the co-founder of menALIVE, recently addressed more than 50 men from the St John’s Wood/The Gap parish on what it means to him to be an authentic Christian man. 

Robert’s message was that the authentic Christian man is one who intentionally rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, lives courageously and loves God with all his being. Such a man knows how to build relationships firstly with God and then with those close to him including his wife, children and family members.  Improving our relationship with God is harnessed by attending mass, reading the scriptures and through prayer.

In order to assist us in building better family relationships, Robert referred to what men must know about women, intimacy improvement skills and the important requirements that a child, young or old, needs from their father. Further, he provided handouts on these topics which will facilitate discussion with those close to us. 

Robert covered a wide range of topics that will be useful in applying the qualities of an authentic Christian man to our everyday lives.

The success of menALIVE has largely been a result of its ability to energise and enhance the spiritual lives of many men in parishes throughout Australia. Its continued success is evidenced by the growing number of men eager to get involved.

menCONNECT invited menALIVE to conduct this event. menCONNECT was formed in St John’s Wood/The Gap parish in late 2012 following a successful menALIVE weekend. Many men now meet on a weekly/fortnightly basis over coffee to share our thoughts and prayers on the scripture readings in journaling groups.  In addition, events are held in the parish every two months and men from outside our parish are very welcome.  If you want to find out more about menCONNECT please contact Mike on 0459 992 228